What kind of solderinf iron do I need for wiring my guitar? Ie how many watts etc. And what kind of solder do I need?
30-40W pen type iron is recommended, stay away from the gun ones, they are too powerful, you don't want to go any higher than 40. I use any solder I can find lying around the house, never had a problem and I do a fair bit of guitar wiring and pickup changing.
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Higher wattage irons aren't an issue. My Hakko station is 75W. Only use rosin core solder. The acid core used in plumbing will corrode any electronics. 63/37 is easiest to work with, as it's eutectic, but 60/40 is more common and there isn't a huge difference.
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I use a Weller soldering station with variable temperature that i picked up for about $50, there are certainly cheaper options out there though that will suit your needs. As for solder i stick to 63/37 rosin core.
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I'd go with the Weller WLC100. Variable temp, docking station, and it's a damn good iron
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