I heard we take out leftover fry oil and scoop all that shit into a bucket and we send that bucket to stsrbux Wendy's bk and in n out and they pay us. In n out puts it on their animal style fries. Anyone havr any thing to deny or back this up?
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Please understand how little we as a community care

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I'm sorry I wasn't trying to be kink shamming what ever bloats your goat dude. I'm just personally not into fucking people I"m related to.
I actually have the flu...it sucks. Because I just. ought a half oz of this stuff called DERPIN POISON. HAHAH isn't that name golden?
But I wana know if this is true. becUse thats worse than anything that goes on in mcdonalds. We actually aren't that bad of a restaurant. At least when I'm working. I keep everything spotless and cook all my food perfectly. I cook food that I would eat myself. My daddy says my big mac was godly

Wtf is it just me or are you guys getting the sane boob and baby add too?
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I know it gets refiltered, but I couldnt imagine eating that shit. Think of all the black crusty stuff you get from a hamburger, the blood and fat and this black goop...all sent off to Wendy's.
You guys ever heard of a McDuskey, and old peice of meat between two fresh buns.