Would I be able to run a splawn quickrod into a marshall 4x12 and use an external ss amp for reverb? I want to try this is because I don't have a reverb pedal and my fender frontman 65r has that effect, so basically I want it to act as a reverb pedal AND SOUND DECENT. I usually don't use reverb, which is why I haven't invested in one, so this is my attempt at saving money, it would just be for recording purposes. I've heard of aby pedals, but i'm not sure if that would be the most ideal thing since I dont really want to combine the sounds of the amps. I'd like to have the sound coming from just the 4x12, although if that is the only way, I will probably end up doing it.

Could the fx loop in the 65r work like a pedal possibly? I've never experimented much with combining amps, I just want to make sure this would be ok and wouldn't harm either amp.
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Watch the auctions for a few days and you should be able to pick one of these up for $50 or even less. You can get them for $100 all day long.

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Don't run your Splawn into a Fender Frontman man.

I used to own a Frontman. But if you are happy with your tone while on the Fender just get a ABY pedal. You could probably get someone to make you a quality one for $20-$30. Conversely, just buy a reverb pedal. You could find a decent used one starting at $50 as mentioned. I just got a Hardwire RV7 used for like $80 or something. It will turn in your Splawn into a Fender Twin Reverb momentarily.