the slow gear pedal by boss is almost exactly what i want, but its not made anymore and now its 400 dollars to buy one if someone has one.

so any one know a alterative?
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Came in hear to say Boss Slow Gear and you already beat me I think there is a BYOC Clone of it though?
The line 6 M series have some filters that get close. Don't recall the particular effect but worth checking out.
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my options would be the volume knob on my guitar, and if that doesn't help a volume pedal
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The Behringer SM200 is a clone of the Slow Gear.. although I don't know how good it sounds.

Well that's what I've heard anyway..
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I hear they use false bypass switches.

It's, like, so ironic.
there is a great Mad Professor pedal that has OD and delay in the same unit. GREAT for those eric johnson violin guitar sounds
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I came here to say ebow as well.

Or a volume pedal and get good at doing swells. I like morleys, but everyone else doesn't seem to. The Ernie Ball ones are great too.
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VFE used to make a pedal called the bumblebee which was a compressor and a swell effect in one, but they recently discontinued it. They're now making the bumblebee junior which is just the swell effect, but to launch it they're doing a kickstarter for the new junior line. You can pick one up for $80 here: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/vfepedals/vfe-pedals-junior-series
Ebow and volume work great but different, the behrenger clone is fine too, any delay that has a reverse setting will get you there, a tap tremolo like the zvex sonar is cool too, if you set it for eighth notes and as long as its set right and you play only eighths it'll take the edge off the start of the notes, hard to explain, hope that made sense
get an e-bow.

the mad professor pedal is called the golden cello, it's an OD with a delay in it
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I would recommend the marshal MG100

Very versatile and quality sound. It should treat you well