me and a friend are starting a two piece doom influenced powerviolence band. i am usually a bass player so i have a very good hartke HA5500 that i'd like to try run my guitar through, while using a boss bass overdrive pedal. would this affect the amp in any way?

i once played my guitar through a behringer amp and i think it may have damaged the amp a little but this could have just been because it was a behringer pile of shit.

any information on running guitars through bass amps or advice would be much appreciated! thanks a lot
Guitar through bass amp = okay 99% of the time. The only time anything is at risk is if it has a tweeter that doesn't have much headroom. Sometimes this happens because basses don't put out too many high frequencies so you won't push the tweeter to its full power, guitars will push it. But any decent cab will be fine.
I don't really have a good guitar amp so when I play guitar its through my bass amp