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Stickers like the ones on the back of the headstock of that bass.

Do they bother you at all? I think it looks kinda bad to keep them on there, but I don't like the sticky residue they can leave if you don't peel them off very well. How does one get rid of "the stickiness" that is left there without messing with the finish?
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A little lighter fuel (Ronson's in the US) will take the reside off.
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As long as it's not nitrocellulose; if it is, Lighter Fluid and WD-40 will cloud the finish.
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You want to be careful. I had my Epi LP for about a year before I decided to take the 'Made in China' sticker off it. Within a few days I'd dropped it and cracked the neck just below the headstock.

I'm convinced the two events are connected! :p
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To remove the adhesive, you can try

1. Eucalyptus oil
2. Vinegar

I would be careful of using WD40 or a citrus degreaser as may affect the wood. Always test in a small discrete area first

There are video demonstrations of decal removal at [forbidden link] decalstickerremover.com
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If it's a poly finish, then you have nothing to worry about.
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Seriously, you don't need to use WD-40, lighter fluid etc to remove sticker gunk. Some warm water and a little effort will remove this crap and will NOT damage any finish (other than maybe a natural oil/wax finish).
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I carefully remove them with my finger and then use violin polish on a soft cloth and buff the area of the guitar the sticker was on until what glue is left is no longer visible. Guitar polish probably works as well.

I would be reluctant to use any solvent based solution on any guitar finish unless I was absolutely sure it wouldn't affect the finish.

The only sticker that violin (or guitar) polish hasn't fully removed the glue from is the Epiphone decal that was on the pick guard of my 339 Pro. There is just a faint hint of the outline of that decal visible on the pick guard if you look close enough.
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I would try using vegetable oil or canola oil. It was a trick I learned back in the cassette days to remove the sticky residue from the mixed tape labels. I cannot see it hurting a guitar, but I have also never tried.
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Warming it up with a blowdryer to a reasonable temperature also helps in easier removal.

I might try it on my Jackson guitar. The "real reason" I'm asking is because I've ordered a new bass and I don't want to leave the stickers on there to make it more difficult to remove, so I decided to ask beforehand for faster removal. The bass is actually one of those on the picture, but in black - as you see in my "Rickenbacker copies" thread in the bass forums.
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For the removal of adhesive you can use the peanut butter. Its the quality of peanut butter that it reduce the adhesiveness. Then you can try the alcohol, thinner, spirit or petrol for the removal of residue. Nail polish remover also works for the removal of residue. I have tried these things many times.
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I'm never really bothered by the stickers on the headstock, unless they overlap with the neck and you run over them when playing. In that case I usually use a tiny bit of lighter fluid or nail polish remover to get rid of the adhesive.

Might not get the best results with certain kinds of finish, mind you.
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Scrape the sticker off, rub vigourosly with Dr Ducks Axwax.

I would add gently to the scape, Dr Ducks is really good........but messy as hell. Anybody else think its leftover/wrongly made sex lube. Like it was sposed to be lube but really didn't pass some Food and drug test so they had to think of some other thing to sell it as?
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First thing I would reach for is naptha. Works great and won't harm poly in the least bit. Anything that requires elbow grease will leave you with a dull finish, which will then require a buff. The right tool for the job here is the most effective chemical that won't affect the finish.