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I use Guitar pro 5 since 2009. I started composing musics with it. Then I got Guitar pro 6. But Guitar pro 6 drum's sound isn't good. So I was searching for a Professional Drums software.
So after a lot of searching I got Addictive Drums and I tried to import Guitar Pro 5 drum track's midi file into Addictive Drums. But I wasn't able to play those midi file in correct Midi Map, even I select the correct Midi Map.
For who don't know Guitar pro 5 use General Midi Map, in Addictive Drums it called GM.
So I did some simple things to play General mapped Midi files with Addictive Drums.

MIDI Preset, MIDI track and Guitar Pro 5 tab attached.

Step 1:
Create a Drums track with Guitar Pro 5.
Select File>Export>MIDI.

Step 2:
Now you need to copy that MIDI file into C:\Users\"Your Profile"\My Documents\Addictive Drums\User Midi Files\GM .

Step 3:
Open Addictive Drums with any VST Host.
If you don't have any VST host you can download free from here :
VST Host x86: or VST Host x64: .

Step 4:
Select BEATS>All Categories>n/a . Click Refresh Library.
Now you'll see your beat in the list. Now play that track and have fun!

If you want to modify or create your own MIDI Map, just follow these steps:

Step 1:
Select BEATS>Map Window. Now modify the map as you wish form the right side keyboard. You can select or move multiple key at the same time.

Step 2:
Click the small arrow below Map Preset: . Click Save as.

Step 3:
Now go to C:\Users\"Your Profile"\My Documents\Addictive Drums\User Midi Files\ .
According to your MIDI preset file name create a FOLDER there. And also copy-paste the MIDI preset file into that folder.

Step 4:
So if you wish to use ur own MIDI preset copy-paste those MIDI track to your MIDI preset folder.

That's all. Wish you can learn how to create own MIDI Preset and follow that preset into Guitar Pro 5 !

MIDI Preset, MIDI track and Guitar Pro 5 tab attached.
In Example: I used Cymbal chokes in key 1,2 for Cymbals in 49,57,.
Check attached Guitar pro Tab to learn it properly. And use dynamic note to create realistic drumming.
MIDI Preset and MIDI,
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Hey whats up? Im looking for a drummer that works with drum midi files for a drum track, preferable in guitar pro 6. Im a guitarist and I submit guitar tabs and write often. Im actually looking for a drummer or someone that writes drum midi for an original song or 2 that I wrote. They're pretty decent songs. If anyone would be willing to help out or if you know anyone thats really good at it maybe you can hook me up. Thanks alot, email me at or you can add me to FB. Thanks