Anybody ever heard of a brand called, 'Woods Instruments'? I bought a Woods 12 string about 4 years ago in a small local shop, and I absolutely love the sound and feel, but i ended up taking the second strings off and using it at a 6 string because I couldnt find another guitar that sounded as deep, and smooth as this one, and I've been trying to track down a 6 string version of this thing, cause i want to have my 12 back, but I cant seem to track one down anywhere.
davehail1092 I love Woods guitars. I was lucky enough to get one as my first guitar when I was a kid. Found it at the local flea market. I have to say, it really spoiled me as far as sound goes. I find myself not liking most Martin or Gibsons. They just don't have that same smoothness and deep tone
Hi Dave, I'm pretty sure they're associated with Samick. "Woods by Samick" whatever that means. (Samick has a large manufacturing plant in Cileungsi, near Bogor, were much of Samick instruments are made -- wiki.)

I think they're made in Indonesia, generally all laminates, entry level pricing, and well regarded by their owners, and former owners.

I remember seeing them twenty years, or so, ago -- but no real idea of years they were produced. There maybe a dedicated Samick forum that would be more knowledgeable.

ebay might be best for finding a six. Enjoy your search, and all the best.

EDIT: there's a mahogany/agathis top (?) DW-15 available in Monroe (listed 1+ months ago) -- but it has a neurobehavioral condition.

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