Hi all, first post. Hope you'll help me

So, basically I bought a Schecter ATX C-1 with a fixed string-through TOM bridge.
It's great, nice satin finish, SD Blackouts and locking tuners.

It came with 0.09 ErnieBall strings and a standard tuning setup.
I play in DropC, so I bought 0.12 Elixir strings and put them on.

Played with it few seconds, and it wasn't sounding that much right, of course.
New strings + wrong setup = messy stuff
After realizing I didn't know where to start with the setup,
as I was used to a floydrose guitar,
I took this baby to a good luthier to have it set up properly.

He adjusted the truss-rod, intonation, nut, action and pickups height.
The whole thing went fine, I tried it out myself in his shop and all was sounding good and crisp. Notes where perfect from first to last fret.

Then this evening something weird happened.

Took the guitar out of its case, tuned it, but sounded weird again.
Like, the tuner registered a flat note, but the output from my amp (a marshall mg30dfx), was a bit sharp-ish for a few seconds. Then it went flat and ringing good. Not only the note itself, but also the whole frequency sounded wrong.

I tried to stir a bit more the strings and SURPRISE, they actually lost some tension.
After retuning them to pitch, nothing changed much.
Aside from the fact that now the G string has a non existent pinch harmonic at the 11th fret and sounds too much twangy.
Also, when tuning them, even if they get to pitch it looks like they're out of tune somehow.
Totally weird.

My opinion is:
he set up the guitar with the strings not completely stirred,
thus intonation has to be done again (and hopefully not the truss-rod).

If it's the intonation, I can do it myself.
Moving a couple of saddles according to the 12th fret note it's not an ordeal.
As for the truss-rod, I'd rather not risk that much.

What do you think?
I really have no idea what is happening!
I'll give him a call tomorrow morning anyway, I want to know what he thinks about too.
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Stretch your strings and then return it to whatever key it was setup for.

If the problem persists, we will go from there.
I did that, I stretched them to death already and nothing changed.

The problem persist and I have no idea what's causing it.
So frustrating..
Are you getting a lot of buzz on the lower frets?

And what do you mean a "non existent pitch harmonic" at the 11th fret?
yes, I reckon having some buzz on the first frest. Not a lot, but it was there.
I don't think it has to do with the action, as the luthier set it correctly.

LOL sorry for the bad explanation there.
When I try to do a pinch at the 11th on the third string, i just get a shitty noise,
not the full, rich pinch sound you'd expect.

( noticed this while playing Periphery - Mile zero )
I need a better description of the noise, if you can give one. Does it sound kind of like a sitar?
I'll do my best.
Let's say, if I tune a string correctly I expect the sound to be steady, and I'd picture it like a flat line always on pitch.
In my case, the sound is not steady and I picture it like wavy line,
it's like a frequency that goes up, down, up, down, then it stabilizes.

forgot to mention this is happening with the overdrive channel.
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nope, it's only if I play an open string.
if i fret it's maybe a cent or so out of tune, acceptable.

(gotta go to sleep, work tomorrow. will answer asap)
Good timing, I have homework I can't procrastinate anymore :

My advice is to take it back to the luthier and see if he'll check it out for free.
When you tried it at the shop, were you playing through an MG there?

Try it out tomorrow. Letting a guitar sit overnight can work magic.
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Lol ok I might give him a call later, if I find the time.

thank you for your advices anyway

that's a good question actually.
at the shop, he had a really small orange amp (maybe a 10W) with a boss overdrive pedal.
and it sounded ok, the guitar was in tune with no problems at all!

wondering if it's actually my amp that's making it sound like crap, or specifically how the eq is set.
maybe, since the SD are active pickup, I need to tweak my eq so that they don't go in conflict with frequencies etc..
just tried it again.
sleeping in its case didn't fix anything.
it's still the same as yesterday
strings sound way shitty, almost out of tune.
it's definitely the intonation, and if I'm right he mistakenly set it up without fully stretching the strings.

I'm gonna give him a call later, as I didn't have the time this morning (too busy).
He should offer me a quick fix, and for free.
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so long story short: this guitar must have some defects.

the luthier did everything he could.
we tried all options: strings, bridge, nut, pickup, action, neck etc..
nothing worked.

seems like the changes stick until you play it seriously for like 20min.
Then it gets back to a shitty, disturbed sound with weird frequencies all over,
a crapton of tuning-intonation issues and lowE string that goes badly out of tune at the first bending.
and that's unacceptable from a brand-new guitar that has been set-up three times.

I mean, I ditched the floydrose in favor of a fixed bridge in order to have less troubles,
and here I am with an almost unplayable piece of wood with SD blackouts.

IMHO the one I've bought must be a quite defective model.
I have no idea why, I loved it at first,
but somehow it went to shit quite fast due to unknown causes.
I treated the guitar with extreme care of course, but it was probably flawed from the very beginning.

I already emailed musicstore.de to see if they can either replace/fix the guitar or refund me.
quite disappointed form the whole situation.
Could be a defective guitar, but Schecter has really good QC.

12s could be too much for it. I doubt that though.

Maybe dude cant set up fer s41t. Where was it done at???I do my own setups now but a little while ago a friend owed me a favoure and had his guy set up a guitar of mine(its supposed to be a top notch place too).....strobe tuner and polish ect. In the end it was not too bad but the high E saddle was set crooked and was tipping and out of line with the other 5, he had the 2 screws at different heights, it should never have left the shop like that ....I would never have that place touch my stuff again and I would laugh in their face if I ever met them.
What the hell!!!
I'm quite sure it's defective. Both 6th and 3rd strings sound really bad.

The luthier is definitely a good one and knows what he's doing.
He did all the common setup stuff, with strobe tuner, truss rod corrections, action etc.. but it seems like what he did went like shit after actually playing the guitar.

If the truss-rod was broken (or if he broke it himself anyway), he would've told me.
i don't thibk it's his fault.

It's either a defective guitar, or it's been setup bad by musicstore.de before being shipped.
Im thinking of a faulty neck or something like that.

Quite weird, I admit, but it happens sometime..
Guess I bought a lemon lol