Feedback has had its own way for long enough. It's time we too control.

I've been experimenting with different configurations of different components for years now with the purpose of capturing feedback from the acouistic environment and making it hard wired, thus gaining almost complete control over something usually barely controlled. I've recently put together a system that works well enough to consider it to be a successful proof-of-concept test. In order to share it with the many forums I participate it without violating the graphics limitations imposed on some I put together this white paper with graphics links embedded, so that all I have to do is post this and anyone can see the whole thing* from where it resides on Dropbox. Just access the paper itself at:


And should you want to try this with less outlay of funds and less chances of damaging something expensive, grab an old beat up hollow body and try it on that. I succedded with one of those a couple years ago because they are much easier to get into feedback, but I kept going because I wanted to make it work on solid bodies. Here we are.

* The list graphic is a 4 second AVI movie segment, which for some reason some people can't see directly in the paper. You can see it by accessing it directly at:


A word about copy right: by definition it is the right of the owner to say what can be done with copies of their work. I made all this, it's all mine, and so I can say this: You may, in fact I request that you share this with any and everyone you can think of that may be interested, and tell them this same thing. Since I own it, no one may make any money at it. I am only maintaining this right of ownership so that nobody can take it and build a commercial version for a bazillion dollaeuropounds while I'm trying to get someplace to help design a small unit as inexpensively as possible. Go ahead and build them, even for others, and even make a few bucks. Just do it in as fair a fashion as I am trying to do this.
Not enough infant cannibalism.

Will give it a read in a bit.
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