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Hi ... I want to buy a ESP Horizons Shaped! ... - watch out Shaped - model custom guitar ... (it doesnt matter, if u dont want to have the brand on it ) .... it will be also made from ALDER wood ... If im right.. pickups are in close connection with the wood, the guitar is made of.... so ... I want 2 Humbuckers : 1 up 1 down as usual or at least the one by the Floyd Rose ... > http://www.muziker.sk/media/a501/image/file/2/0020/ppuW.201090.jpg ... Im playing with my band in a C drop (mostly) some covers in B or Ais drop .... so its LOW.... and i want the Seymour duncans , so we can both have the same brand and the sound wont be too much different (i hope at least) ... Please.. tell me what is your opinion about the SD TB-5 WH ... or can u give me a better advice ??? ..... Im open to your opinions.. please help me.... Sorry for my bad english ( Thanks from SVK ) ...

PS-1: yes and the price could not be over 100€ for one piece .....
PS-2: We arep laying songs like from PWD, Heart in hand, ABR ... Core things...
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I don't know that particular pickup but what i will say is that you shouldn't worry too much about you and your other guitarist having an identical sound. It adds extra flavour to the mix if you have tones that differ a little so there's no harm in you each using different pickups, provided that neither of you are using something awful of course.
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