Hi there .

I am doing a school research about how music influences peoples emotions, attention etc while watching movies or videos .

The thing is, I have to do some kind of experiment with bunch of people but I don't know how. I thought of splitting people in half: one group watching videos without music, the other group with music (video and music must be connected) and make a questionnaire about what they saw and felt after that.

If you HAVE any ideas about the research, please tell me !

Thank you !
Maybe watch scary movies with and without music. I know movie-wise it definitely helps people know what to expect, where otherwise you're not clued in until the video makes it obvious. It might be hard to extract the music though.

Maybe watch youtube videos with and without music, like a fail compilation or something I dunno.
Play the driving scene from Psycho without music, then with music. You can probably get it already done on YouTube.