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It would be really ingenious if you smashed your real axe by accident -
Now THAT would be a total mind****!
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Stop trying to change the guitar. Just open up your mind and let the guitar smash you.
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Thanks everybody for support. I surely don't have a good band nor money for buying a cheap guitar for every gig, so I certainly won't do it.
I am sorry for disappointment I caused to my beloved UG associates.
Cheers everyone!
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You get my first ever lolstack

The image in my head is just too funny for words at this point

Aw yeah.
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Don't do it. When you're not in a well known band it just makes you look mental.
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Quote by OfCourseNot
I can imagine TS trying to break the guitar and ending up either breaking equipment or pissing off the venue owner for screwing up the stage or something.

This. I did a gig about a month ago, and a punk band were playing after us. I gotta give it to them, they had a good energy, but then the bassist threw the mic stand over and started jumping on one of the wedge monitors, the sound guy then rushed over, picked up the mic, let them finish their song, then told them that they had to get off the stage.

I doubt they would be allowed back, and i can imagine this kind of thing happens quite a lot.

Think of that next time you are not allowed to laugh.
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Set the headstock on fire and play a solo. Or, have the headstuck burst into flames during a solo.
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A lot of bands do this, I've seen clips of plenty of shows where the guy smashing his shit has a new guitar in his hand...

Hell the ones Paul Stanley breaks every night are probably ones that didn't pass QC at Washburn and he "plays" (by play I mean dances with) for Black Diamond or whatever they are closing with that night

Some other thing about Motley Crue or something in the 90's showed Nikki going to his tech to pick another bass up to smash it

You aren't this first to think of it, but it is essentially the only way to do it, even the self destructive rock stars in the 80's knew enough about instruments to know that breaking their means of income is a stupid thing to do
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hasen't that been done a gazillion times?

buy the cheap guitar that looks like your's
switch them
give the fake to hot chick in front row

get laid
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And who's going to clean up the splintered wood? Are you going to pay for the chipped/scuffed stage/floor?

Godamn kids.
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Yeah I'm sure the venue owner will love you smashing up his stage dude...
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throw your guitar into the crowd and keep the shitty one