Hey guys, I've had this fender FM-65R Amp for about 2 years now. I bought it from a local pawn shop, and it was working great until one day it just kind of stopped working? I know the problem has to do with the amp itself, or the speaker. I get static and feedback when adjusting the chord and turning the amp on, but I cant hear any amplification from the guitar.. I'm no expert with this, so please be easy on me.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated, guys! Thanks in advance.

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I had the 100w version of this amp when I started out 4 years ago.

Based on what you said and my knowledge of these amps I'm guessing it is the Insert Jack. The chassis is very difficult to get into so for now I would just google that problem and work from there. It may need to go to an amp tech - I'm honestly not sure. The speakers should be easy to check but I don't think that's the problem. Good luck,
I didn't think I'd ever get a reply on this, bro! I appreciate the feedback, but I've looked all over the internet, and oddly enough, I can't find anyone with this simple problem with this model! It's frustrating, lol. Back on topic, I'm not home at the moment, but when I get there I'll be sure to check out my jack and get back to you. Thanks again. worse comes, I'll bring it into a local shop.
You are welcome and good luck.

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I'd check out some of the links in here (particularly on page 2)

It may something else entirely.

What happens if you plug in headphones? Also try plugging your guitar into the FX return (line in I think) and see if there is any difference. But honestly, if it is not the insert jack it may be something that is not worth fixing

There are some gut shots I found in here by googling 'fender frontman gut shots'

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