Hi, I have been playing guitar for quite some time now, but I have recently started to take music a lot more serious, I have been practicing daily and have noticed that when I do any exercise to build up speed, all the notes I pluck, sound staccato, I was wondering if anyone knows of any techniques to help with this.
hammer ons and pull offs and slides
also work on hitting the string and putting your finger down on the string at the same time so the note isnt cut off before the next one starts and sounds more fluid
Play slower. Don't play at full tempo all the time. You can start really slowly, like 60 bpm. It improves your muscle memory. Your fingers remember what to do at higher speeds too. After playing at really slow tempo, you might notice the improvement. Playing fast feels much easier and sounds much cleaner.

Also, your hands might be a bit out of synch. Focus on both hands.
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