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Just a quick question. I'm a big fan of fry screaming and I've been watching how-to videos and whatnot. The internet is really my only resource because I don't really know any screamers.

Anyways my question is, in order to sound good screaming do you first need to be a good singer? I am an AWFUL singer, and I don't know how much that goes into screaming.
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What the heck is fry screaming?

And a lot of bands have very little pitch matching when it comes to harsh vocals so singing isn't a necessary thing to have although of course it helps.

Also, there's this guy.
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I have a song on my profile that is an example of fry. If you want to hear it, the track is called Slaughter preproduction. Itsjust a different sound and some prefer it while others do not.

Ontopic, the way to learn is through your own constant experimentation. Singing experience isnt required but will help. Alot of vocalists bleed their true voice tone into the scream and that HAS to be on pitch. Still, i find it easier to stay on pitch while screaming than singing. Keep workin at it!
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