I Have been playing for about 8 years. I have been a bit off at times, but pretty steady for the most part. I have a crappy flexwave 120w crate amp that has the effects coming on and of at random times. I just received an ESP LTD DJ-600 guitar and I have messed with the amp for hours and it seems to just sound like crap with the active pickups. I'm also running the amp with a Line 6 uber metal pedal. It sounds fine with my Epiphone les paul and the pedal, but not with my new guitar. So I have decided this is a good excuse to upgrade anyway. I mostly play metalcore and other variants of the genre. I have pretty much decided on a 6505+ as I want to keep my amp and head under $1200 if possible. I would love an engl powerball, but I don't think I can really justify the price increase. I'm thinking I want to match it with a closed back orange ppc212. The Head is 120W and the cab is 120w. I also plan on playing the amp at lower levels about half the time so I'm definitely going to be getting an attenuator. Should these two match up alright? This head and cab should work well for music similar to As I Lay Dying, Trivium, Children of Bodom and such correct? I have read vintage 30's are really good speakers for metal. I have also heard they are muddy down low so I'm kind of worried about them. I have always loved the look of orange amps and the 6505 is clearly a great head for metal with a lot of bands recording with them. I have done a fair amount of research. I'm Just looking for some confirmation on whether this setup will work fine and if it should be a good choice. Thanks!
You can get the Orange 212 and the EVH 5150 III 50W. The 50W head is about $1000.
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doesn't really sound like you need too much help, seems like you got it figured out for the most part. scrap the attenuator, it wouldn't really help with what you are doing. you can find the heads for $500-$550 quite often. i don't see a ton of orange cabs for sale, but i like my PPC212OB (i have two). V30's are pretty much standard for the genre if a standard does exist. personally i like celestion K100's a lot more, expecially with them mixed with V30's.

if you wanted to get another cab option that may be similarly priced, mesa cabs are good more in the $450 range. if you can find a line 6 spider valve (make sure its the V30s cab actually look and read the backs) they can go under $250 on CL and have V30's. marshall 1960 cabs have T75's which may be a good option, and they are pretty cheap used.

if you want a custom cab, avatar or whitebox are two good options (i have an avatar and am pleased with it)
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Awesome. There are a ton of orange cabs on ebay right now for about 4-500. What do you mean scrap the attenuator? I just want it so when I want to play the amp at a lower volume it makes it more feasible. I'd really like to be able to play at a bedroom level if possible at times with it. You don't think it will help with that? Also you have an open back? How does that work for you? I was deciding on the closed back because I have read that it delivers a more punchy bottom end and is better for metal. I think as long as I dont have to worry about the head blowing the cab I'm pretty much set than = ). Thank you!!
The only time your amp will be pushing 120W is when you are cranking it to maximum volume. You won't be doing that very often. There's always room for error with speakers anyway. You should be fine.
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