Its not something that im absolutely sure i'm going to do but im curious, would swapping out the stock 10" speakers for some 10" greenbacks make a difference in my tone at all? I am also curious if its possible to increase the wattage.
Yes it will change the tone, can't tell you if it'll make it better or worse but speakers have a pretty huge impact on tone so it will definitely change.
Not really, being SS you could try running a lower ohm speaker than it's rated for but you'd probably just blow something up doing that.
As above, yes changing the speaker would change the tone, but it's just not worth doing it with an average practice amp like that.

Maybe if you were talking about doing it to tweak your sound on a quality gigging setup, but with your current kit it's really not worth it.
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agreed, not worth it on that amp. a speaker swap will definitely change your sound though!
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