As the title says. Please give me some feedback on the track I made. It´s actually my first one I completely did alone. My mother was very pleased THANK GOD, but what u think . It´s also anniversary for my guitar playing for 4 years

Edit: oops, forgot link https://soundcloud.com/ronimal/effort
Not bad. Nice build at the end. You could work on the pitch of your bends: that was the only off-putting thing.
I wasn't crazy about the tone for the first minute and a half (just a matter of my own personal taste, nothing wrong with your playing), but I loved the part at 1:30, and the part where the drums come in at the end is great. My only suggestion (which again, is just a matter of personal preference) is maybe less distortion for the first minute and half, other than that, great song man! Also, the hard rock jam that automatically starts playing the song you posted is fantastic, nice work man. Crit mine? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1585254
Thanks for the critizism guys Yes, about the bends, I´ve never practised them, I just go with the flow and improvise all the solos, don´t really control what im playing. But I have to practise them, I know thank you.
About the distortion, first 40 secs was actually played with wah-wah and didnt really get the right one because my strings are at least 9 months old . But thats not the case, I have never been very good tweaker with my POD500, but thanks again for the critizism ill check ur song aswell! Rock on!