I found to buy some cheap guitar near my home, it's very old. So i want some help. How much u think it's worth?

Arnold Hoyer VINTAGE 1950 ARCH TOP:

Plz help quickly, thnks
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Its in a pretty bad state it seems, with quite a bit of work being needed, so I wouldn't hold out for a huge amount.

Do you have a guitar shop near you? If you do, take it in ask them, or ask how much work needs to be done and the cost.

I've heard good things about these kinds of guitars, so you may not actually want to sell it
I just thinking of buying one for selling, I think I can take it for about 125 euros, I saw one in ebay was sold for almost 300pounds. So i think to buy it for reselling.
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The majority of people in this forum are more interested in the sound produced by a guitar, not
how much money you can make from our knowledge. Cheers
i'm with Tuxs and cranky. i'd love to hear it, but don't give a crap what you sell it for. i am a bit curious as to who arnold hoyer is( not enough to google it but mildly curious).