So i named my guitar Nikki and thought it would be cool put a decal under the bridge with the name, http://www.prsguitars.com/semikaelakerfeldt/ i know this is paint and not a decal but its the basic idea of what i want. i was hoping to find something made for guitars so it wont ruin the paint or finish or anything. any ideas on where i can find something like that?
Schecter KM7
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Anything you put on there can damage the finish. If it blocks light then eventually the rest of the guitar will fade more than where you had the sticker, so when you eventually pull it off, it will be darker where the sticker was.

What you can do to help avoid damaging the surface is put a bunch of polish on it first, so that the sticker is affixed to the polish instead of the finish--but that only goes so far as eventually the adhesive will work its way through the polish.

The example you gave looks like it could have been done with gold leaf or something applied prior to the clearcoat finish. I didn't see a description on the site so I don't know for sure.

The Schecter is a nice guitar, but it's not like a vintage Strat, so you're not taking a big loss if you do mess up the finish. Just put another bigger sticker there later if you get tired of the one you got.
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