i got home from college one day and, for some reason, felt oddly relaxed.
so i turned on my mic and recorded how i felt.

i'm, however, not too good at the processing part on the computer

give me anything that stands out as something fixable please.


i also have another song i made. i was aiming at up-beat rock


guitar solo at about 1:30

thanks in advance

instruments used
Brawley, the threat, electric guitar
150 watt, line 6, spider 2 amp
Alvarez dreadnought acoustic guitar
D-drum set and brushes
I would definitely try turning up the volume next time you record, as it's pretty hard to hear everything through laptop speakers. If you're using Audacity as your mixing software, I'd try just turning up the gain on everything to where it's loud, but not clipping. That would be a good start.

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