Yesterday I bought my first guitar in an impulse. The problem is, I don't have an amp yet. Heck, I haven't even figured out wether I want a tube amp or a regular one (are cheap tube amps better then expensive regular ones?). Therefore I filled out this list, and I hope you could make some suggestions:

Budget: €200

A lot of stuff, but in particular these songs:
Practically everything by Led Zeppelin
Matt Corby - Soul's a fire
Aerosmith - Amazing
Prince - Purple Rain
Pink Floyd - Shine on you crazy diamond

New or used: I would only like new amps, please don't hate me for it!

Home or gig: Only at home, and because of my old neighbors and small room they must not be too loud.

Closest city: I live in The Netherlands, so I can go anywhere there.

Current Gear:
Hagstrom Ultra Swede
Simply because you've only just started and you can't have your amp very loud your best is to get a solid state modelling amp. As you get better at guitar you're more than likely gonna expend your tastes or change what you like to play, a modelling amp will suite anything you need in practice. A couple of examples could be the Peavey Vypyr, Roland Cube and the Fender Mustang.
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i agree with a modeling amp. a lot of people like the vypers, i myself like the roland cubes, but either way its a great way to start off
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I would recommend the marshal MG100

Very versatile and quality sound. It should treat you well
I can personally attest the quality of the Roland Cubes. I still sometimes use mine over an expensive tube amp, just because it can do most things quite well, whereas my tube amp can do only some things excellently.
i agree with modelling amps. i'd probably get a vox valvetronix as they tend to be more aimed at the vintage tones you play.
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Modelling amp.

I too think the Vox VT would be right up your alley.

I don't particularly care for Hagstroms, but I can tell they are nice guitars and I can see the appeal in them, nice choice to start off with. Pictures?
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Yamaha THR5 would be perfect.
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Lets see if I understand the differences:

Modeling amp is a head, speaker and effect pedal in one.

And with a tube amp, I don't only need a head and cabinet, but also pedals? And a combo tube amp is the same as a head and cabinet but in one box right? So I still need to buy pedals.
Quote by Miss.Alice
Lets see if I understand the differences:

Modeling amp is a head, speaker and effect pedal in one.

And with a tube amp, I don't only need a head and cabinet, but also pedals? And a combo tube amp is the same as a head and cabinet but in one box right? So I still need to buy pedals.

Not quite.

To simplify, amps come in two flavours: heads and combos. You can buy modelling combos, modelling heads, tube combos, tube heads etc.

Effects can be found in tube heads, tube combos, modelling heads and modelling combos. All depends on the product in question.

Heads are just the amp (and any built in effects).

Combos are the amp (with any built in effects) contained in a speaker cabinet. The full package.

Cabinets are just the speakers. To drive a cabinet, you need a head (or a combo with options such as a power amp send but that's far beyond what you need to understand right now).

Does that make sense?

You should be looking at small modelling combo amps. All the suggestions are good so far, the Vox probably the best for what you want to play.
+1 on the Vox valvetronix, they're not great at anything but not too bad at everything. So the versatility you have available will allow you to make a decision on what genre you want to focus your attention on. Also welcome to the club, getting your first guitar is a special experience.
Modeling amps are digital. The guitar signal goes in and a DSP (Digitial Signal Processor) processes the signal and outputs a new signal. The signal gets converted to ones and zeros (binary) and the processor produces an entirely new signal. None the guitars original reference signal makes it to the speaker.

Solid state amps, tube amps and analog effect pedals "color" the signal from the guitar. The guitar signal goes in, works is way through the circuits - which adds or takes away from the reference signal - and exits. The signal from the guitar makes it all the way through to the speaker.