Hello guys. Not sure where I should put this, but I think it goes with techniques.

So when playing songs, especially the clean electric/acoustic songs, I sometimes struggle to find out a strumming pattern. Sometimes they are pretty easy to hear, but in certain songs it just sounds like random strumming. For example, So Far Away, by Avenged Sevenfold, I really can't find logic in that one. Tribute by Tenacious D also features multiple "patterns". So I have a few questions: are there tricks to find out strumming patterns or make multiple strumming patterns in a song more like one pattern, and do strumming patterns even really matter that much? Like, give or take a few extra strums? Sometimes it bothers me because I don't know when to switch chords, or it takes too much time to learn when observing every strum I hear, which holds me from learning certain songs.
Count beats, try to figure out if songs are in 3/4, 4/4 or 6/8 etc. Then just strum according to the mood of the song.
Strumming Patterns can be a B****, that's my only advice.
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Well, I know shit about beats and time signatures so that won't work very well for me. And I noticed they are b****es :P
you remind me of my starting days of playing gutiar. heres a simple way. tap your foot along the song. when youre comfortable and your tapping is even. strum in equal groups. for example:
1-u-2-u-3-u-4-u-d-u. or 1-u-d-u-2-u-3-u-d-u-4-u.
numbers are where you tap your feet and play a downstroke at the same time, 'u' is an upstroke, 'd' is downstrokes. see how i have used different groupings between taps or beats. the length between taps is equal. but you can add different groupings of strums in between acordding to the feel. more 1-u-d-u type grouping for more violent and fast feel.
but that was very basically explained, if you want to learn more you should read about the rythm part of music and note grouping. the above patterns are 8th notes and 16notes.