Yeah, we need a singer, and badly. We also need a rythym guitarist, but seperately. (Meaning we don't want a singer who can play guitar at the same time.) We have some baggage though... We have a basement to play in, but the drummer's mom wont allow people in her house. (She's a f***in pain.) We have a lead guitarist who has to catch up on skill too. me? Im in charge of this mosh pit, unfortunately. Im ready! But they aren't, so be ready to help me out with these two. SO! We need a singer! We need a rythym guitarist! And you have to fit! Otherwise It'll be like a bagpipe player in a band with a drunk Marilyn Manson, lol. Remember - singer, rythym guitarist, ages 14-16, Metal. Be aware that we have problems to resolve before anything happens. Indiana, Jeffersonville, email? here ya go! tylerjcollier@gmail.com