So... Last 2 months went adequately well job-wise and I managed to handle a biweekly trashy-folk-pop act along with my day time job (tho I royally ****ed up my uni semester ) . Our band (80s-... heavy/poser etc etc) reunited. So I absolutely must spend some money on gear!!!

I already ordered a Holydiver (bridge) and a HBSP90 Stockholm along with pots and a shadow kill-pot for my Schecter Stargazer, so now its pedal time.

I owned a HOG and I sold it. I couldn't get the octave/step bends to work correctly, wah was weak, included exp pedal was really bad, tracking was fine. Can't say I miss it (unless I undergo some kind of gearpornathon on YouTube )

I still own a Dreamscape for my more earthly modulation needs :P Simple and does its job. Can't say it inspires me. Thinking about selling it.

Buying candidates: Strymon Mobius and/or Whammy DT. From what I've seen on youtube I can say I am impressed with both pedals.

I probably don't need any more drive pedals (although you can't really have too many...) This part will decide if I get both of the modulation pedals or just one

Right now I play through an AMT SS-20 preamp and a marshall 20/20. In front of the preamp I have a Musket, a VOX Brit Boost (most often used to boost my preamp) and a LPB-1 (used to boost the musket/last in the effects loop/between pre&power)

Buying candidates: Bogner Red or Black pedal. Do I really need them? Sadly I can't try them before purchasing, so I turn to you.

Will any of them offer me something new sound-wise? I love the way both of them sound but I am wondering if they are kind of redundant in my pedalboard. Are they?
Budget is around 750 euros so Ι can't get all 3 at once

Suggest/advice/critique away
why would you even ask if a mobius is a good idea? craziest pedal i have seen in a while. plenty of options. the part i like best is you can set each preset to be before or after dirt in your chain. good for having chorus after dirt and something like a univibe before.

Whammy is a completely different beast. you need to choose whichever you would use more.

Never played any of the Bogners.