Hey Pit!

I'm throwing this thread into the forum in hopes to invoke stories of everyone's musical journey! Please go ahead and tell us times of joy, success, intimidation, worry, decline, bitterness, frightfulness. Share your stories of times on the stage, behind the curtain, sharing girlfriends with band mates. Anything you can tell us belongs here!

Even if you've never been part of a band, I hope the experiences of this community we call our own Pit will consult your own musical endeavors!

I'll start,

My name is Alvin and I've been a part of this Punk band Battery Operated for the past 3 years. Our drummer left because of interests in "math-ier" styles. Yeah, the bassist and I don't get it either. Needless to say, we've all agreed to move on. Now that there's only two of us left, we've agreed to enlist another friend of ours to play drums. Though less experienced than the last, it will definitely take much time and focus to become a good functioning band.

Things weren't always like this. I share with you my regrets of indulging in too much of the icky sticky. I got high for the better part of my first year with this band. Conflicts arose, tardiness spread through practices like the plague did Europe. We've managed to release a live album, horribly mixed however it's up for free on Bandcamp. I'm young but I really favor a song I wrote and played with the guys on that album and it happened to be at my High School Talent Show that I dropped out of. It was the best feeling in the world hearing 500 of your peers clapping to a song you wrote in your basement!

Going back further I'd say there were also times of intimidation and ego. There is the classic case of a rival band. To us it was an acoustic duo that managed to talk shit about us. Rumors happened, it was dumb but things were resolved.

Nowadays I've been writing my own songs but I don't feel they resonate well with the rest of my friends. I'm still hoping for the best though! I've occupied some of my time elsewhere in various other projects and bands as a guitarist. Learning other instruments helped me out tremendously!

That's really all I've got to share, sorry it's a bit long winded. I'm happy to share a story that I can reflect on. Hope to hear your own Band Deliberation!
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