Guitar Headstock Camera Mount for iPhone / Smartphone and Standard Cameras

Now you can make that AWESOME guitar video with your iPhone, Smartphone or Standard Camera!
Guitar Headstock Camera Mount:
Headstock Mount
This mount gives the perfect view for making awesome guitar videos with you iPhone, Smartphone and other Standard Cameras.
The mount can be set up differently to accommodate different kinds of headstocks.
The grip that contacts the guitar is made of soft rubber so it will not damage your headstock

$30 shipped In the U.S.
$40 Shipped International

I am going to have a run of 10 Mount kits ready for shipping next week.

Paypal only.

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Are you still offering this deal? My boyfriend has several guitars, les Paul, gibsons, electric and acoustic and I'd love to order one of these mounts for his bday. Let me know. Thanks!