like akira takasaki or kee marcello stuff from europe alt picking stuff

like legit 20-40 second runs theyre so cool

Look into most Dream Theater songs. Examples :
- End of 'This Dying Soul'
- End of 'In the Presence of Enemies'
- 'As I Am' solo, I guess.
- 'Erotomania' solo
- 'Stream of Consciousness'
- 'Paradigm Shift' - Liquid Tension Experiment
Symphony X as well :
- 'Of Sins and Shadows' solo
- 'Inferno (Unleash the Fire)'
- 'Set the World on Fire'
- 'Seven'
Racer X - 'Scarified' or 'Technical Difficulties'

Some of these might have legato/sweep picking/tapping/sweeping sections, I can't really be arsed to check... This list should keep you going for the next couple weeks though.
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Look into vinnie moore, he picks almost everything.

Off his mind's eye album: In control, Lifeforce, N.N.Y. are good ones.