Why is this world news? I don't care about rampaging monkeys. They're over rated. It's all about dem penguins.
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I've decided making UG creepless was just me being tsundere and it's better to adopt a more inclusive vision senpai :3 desu desu kawaii
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Suck it. I know you would because y'all a bunch of fags. When I become famous all over the world I'm gonna tell people about you guys and how everyone sucked and it's not until now that people like me. Which means all you suck too and I'm gonna lose my whole fan base but at least I'll feel justice. I'll be rich and talented and you'll just have your shit to talk. You can talk all the shit you want but it just makes you smell bad.
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Shit.. it has begun..

The monkey revolution!

My thoughts exactly. Mother nature finally rises up against her oppressors
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honestly, have you ever posted in a thread that isn't your own?

Yes, several times as a matter of fact