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Hi, my buddy's band just started on a new sound, so sorry I don't have any samples of their music to share, their sound has recently changed drastically. So he doesn't know what to call heir genre.
To me I think they sound like a cross between Pretty Lights (who calls himself electrohiphopsoul) and edm pop like Alex Claire (too close). But while they are very electronic and dub-steppy I wouldn't call then that simply because they are an actual band, and do all of the instrumentation of layered keyboards guitar and bass and poppy vocals live.

Just wondering if anyone knows what to call them
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Yes! You deserve a high five in the spirit of Jim Henson.

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That's really a very general question.

But it doesn't matter, because they're obviously shit.
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Electronic Pop*.

There, done.

*Originally, I typed that as "Poop", not "Pop". Be glad I'm a nice guy sometimes.
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Quote by Weaponized
More like eleCHRONIC pop

Nigga pls. It's all about LSD and electronic pop.

And weirdly consensual sex, because "date rape" drugs.
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Quote by Skint Out
Naysayers are gunna Naysay.

But I'd probably say it sounds like Ass.

Don't get me wrong, Ass is a fine genre.

Nice to look at, sounds like shit.

Usually tastes like it too
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If you need to tell people what genre you are before they like you, your target audience is a pile of shit. Just play stuff, and let other people figure out what you sound like. (I guess this is directed at you friend, not you, but whatever.)