Some dude gave me an amp. SWEET! but it kinda sucks. i'm no tech what's so ever. i'm a lil handy so i know i can open it up and do some repairs,.. i just need to know the concept of whats going on in there. so here is the current state of things...
amp... KMD make, model STAXX SG SR-60.
the problems....... there is a humming coming out of it constantly. I use EMG active pick ups on my strat and i have a martin elect/acoustic. the humming is constant with no guitar plugged in, both guitars plugged in and volume knob up or down, not playing and playing. it's always there. also seems like the control knobs are not accurate, like not fluid, there's some crackling and if the re-verb is up the crackles become sonic pops and booms, not cool. i have dialed it in to a setting that doesn't pop, but whats the point of having an amp that u can't explore it's sonic possibilities. so i don't plug in. it's been sitting for over a year, and i just turn it on again, and was reminded of the frustration that made me shelve it in the first place. I would love to to get this amp in working shape and enjoy rocking out again. it's been years. if anyone has any info, web-links, ideas of what to look for. It would be greatly appreciated.