I inherited/stole my dads old tube amp a little while ago and I'm wondering if any of you could help me to identify it?
He said it's from somewhere around the 50/60's, and it seems like it's made in germany.
It still works, but I think some parts need replacing and it doesn't have the standard 1/4" jack input.
I'm a bit reluctant to start screwing around with it, in case it might be valuable, but if it's simply a hunk of junk, I will definitely upgrade it a bit.

Pics courtesy of mobile cam and dropbox! Let me know if you need better pics, or if you somehow are unable to view them.


Thanks for any info anyone can provide!
Wow! That is seriously cool. I spy some pretty nice old tubes in there too.

Closest thing I could find is a German company (I think?) called 'Smaragd' that made something quite similar a while ago. They made reel-to-reel machines in those suitcase looking enclosures and had similar ports on them.
That is sexy.
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Very interesting amp, though I don't think it was intended for a musical instrument. Almost looks like a stereo preamp? But why would be portable if it were a preamp...

The power section isn't big at all, looks like a single power tube with a rectifier or possibly a pair of power tubes. They may not be power tubes at all. I can see a power tranny on the left side, and what looks like an output tranny on the left inside the amp.

Can you post a better picture showing the tubes? Have you tried opening it, or looking for a schematic? There could be a name stamped inside of it on the chassis. A gutshot would be very interesting.

EDIT: Is there a speaker?
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There is a speaker, it was used as a stereo amp by my dad when he was young, but it was originally a guitar amp. At least that's how he remembers it.
I'll see if I can open it and get some better pictures.
Allright, cracked the baby open and oh boy is that thing rusty.
Could not find any markings or stamps that could imply where/when the amp was made, but I did take quite a few pictures that are currently uploading to my dropbox.

I'd shoot a short video of it, so you could hear what kind of sounds it makes when nothing is plugged into it, but unfortunately the power plug is so old, that it doesn't fit into any of my outlets here, so I gotta get a replacement for it when I have time to hit the stores.

I hope the pictures will be useful in solving the mystery of the ....mysterious... amp!
Looks like it has a single preamp tube, a pair of powers, a rectifier, and a phase inverter but I'm probably wrong. It has a god awful amount of caps too, this one's beyond me.

Maybe it's a portable amp for a record player or projector? Beats me, but I don't think it was meant for a musical instrument.

EDIT: Is there any markings stamped on the control pots? Usually they have date codes and you can use those to figure out approximately when the amp was built. That multi-section cap can might have a code on it too, or either transformer.
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that is a cool old amp.

dunno what company it came from, not only that but i can see no markings on the pots or the speaker... it'll be hard to even date the amp.
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When I was looking around inside it, I didn't see any kind of markings anywhere, apart from some pencil scrawling on the wood inside, and something on the cloth piece.
Most of the logo on the bottom left corner has been scratched off, so I can't tell what it is anymore. I've been in touch with a few guitar stores, and not a single person I've spoken to so far, can tell me anything else than "it looks like it's from the 50/60's".

I've got a few more places to visit before I give up though.

Thanks for your help anyways!
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