Hey there.

I have a problem with my Peavey Valveking 212. For some time now, it starts to release really loud cracking sounds. It's like a loud bang(s) and some cracking that comes after it or vice versa.

Now I've noticed that when I practice with my band, and the drummer begins to play, actually anyone whose noise makes an effect on my amp it begins to make the noises. So yeah, the drummer started drumming, and because this starts "shaking" my amp, the cracking noises commence.

With my second band, things were a little bit different. The room is different so there is less effect on the amp when people play and also I have a lower volume there. The noises were less often than they were when I practiced with the first band I mentioned.

Now the last part. I practiced with it today at home and it didn't make ANY cracking noises, but I had it at a preety low volume. I gently hit the amp a few times, trying to see if this will cause it to crack. It didn't. But when I turned it at a louder volume, it started to make the noises.
I've also practiced before (few days ago) at a bit louder volume for some time, but eventually it began to make the cracking noises.

Does anyone have an idea what could cause this? Maybe a bad connection somewhere in the amp? Thanks for the answers in advance!
Turn your amp on with no cable plugged in and tap on your tubes. It sounds like a power tube connection- if it makes a popping noise when you tap on it get some de-oxit and clean the contacts- spray it on the tube pins, not in the socket. Work the tube around in the socket in a circular motion. Often times just pulling them out and reseating them is enough.

If it does it on a preamp tube then its probably gone microphonic and needs to be replaced.

It could just be bad tubes... try re-seating them all first even if you don't find anything in the tap test.
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Exactly as above, but remember:
The capacitors inside the Valveking Chassis are NOT self-draining. Be sure to let them drain efficiently. Be careful!