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Hi all, my birthday's on Monday and I've been looking at getting a 7 string for a while, I tried an RGD7421 a couple weeks ago and enjoyed the feel, and the price was decent. The problem being, I've heard that the pups in these are garbage. I'm looking for something that would give me nice bright cleans and tight distorted tones. I'm going to be playing anything from Scale The Summit-type stuff to Periphery and other djent-y stuff.

Also - I took a quick run through with the search bar, didn't find what I was looking for. Sorry if this has already come up.
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I'd personally go with some DiMarzios. Maybe a Crunch Lab + Liquifire combo? I enjoy my set very greatly.

Perhaps you could throw a Tone Zone 7 in the neck. That's what I'm planning if my CT7's pups are shitty (well, and a D-Sonic in the bridge).
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