Sorry to bring this topic up again. My Floyd Rose Original Tremolo unit arrived today. Upon comparing it up close to my guitar ( Ibanez SA 160 with Ibanez SAT30 Trem bridge ), it's obvious that it will easily drop into place without any body modifications. However, it looks as if it's quite a job to remove the original Ibanez Nut and install the Floyd Rose locking Nut. I'm just wondering if replacing the Bridge alone with the Floyd Rose and leaving the Ibanez nut on it is worth the hassle, or if it'll make any difference at all? Has anyone else tried this before? Could it introduce tuning-intonation problems?

You'd have to rout it all out and drill into it. And not having the nut there defeats the entire purpose of a floyd rose. Tom told you that in your last thread.
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You have two options, either get the neck routed for the floyd locking nut or get some locking tuners. Using the nut that came with the floyd would be the best bet but if you don't want to do that then locking tuners might at least help with the tuning instability you'll encounter without the locking nut.