I am interested in putting together a two amp/stereo rig, the amps im currently considering are the Egnater Tweaker 15w and the Orange Tiny Terror 15w. Probably the combo versions.

My question is, would it be possible and how would I go about doing the following:

Running the Tweaker as a clean amp with delay, and then run the TT a little hotter with a reverb and eq pedal going just to that amp. Then also would I be able to only run my drive pedals to say the Tweaker then a clean boost and wah to both amps. I know it sounds somewhat complicated, it was just a random idea I had. Thanks for any input.
It would be quite simple actually, you just run an A/B/Y box. the pedals you want to go to both amps go between the box and your guitar, the ones that only go to one amp go between that amp and the box, or that amp's effects loop.
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