hi ,i recently bought a delay pedal,and as i was goofing around,i accidentally created an effect similar to the one radiohead uses in the end of karma police..that altering pitch sound when you turn with the time knob.. i want to ask,is it harmful for my amplifier or speakers in general?it gets really loud at some point,i manage to control it,but i want to be sure
Nope, it's just what happens when you're changing the delay settings faster than the processor can keep up. Shouldn't cause any problems, though some pedals can go a bit weird if you do it too often.
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I have a mxr carbon copy delay pedal and the same thing happens when I turn the regen up too high. It's never done damage to my speakers and I've used the pedal for over 2 years. I think it'll be fine.
I had some friends in a band that used to have a special stage hand whose sole job was to turn a knob on the delay pedal to get that exact effect!
Not harmful at all. Really cool actually.

Way Huge Aqua Puss delay pedals come with instructions on how to do it in the manual.

Makes for some pretty cool sounds when paired with other effects
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