Hi i know this is a no amps forum but just wondering if anyone has had experiance of pluggin in a semi acoustic to an amp modeller such as the line 6 pod

Firstly i want to know if this is possible and secondly what were the results like just want to experiment a bit but i am deciding on a line 6 pod plus if its possible with reasonable results
i plug mine into my laptop ( there are tons of programs for that.audicity, guitar rig etc...). for home use it's great.
HI. It is possible, just like on the Boss Gt10 etc. Don't expect awesome tones (from the defaults especially). With some tweaking it is possible to get some awesome sounds, but remember, overdrive, distortion etc often doesn't work.

If possible, go for dedicated pedals e.g. EQ, compression, reverb for a great acoustic sound.

Hope this helps.
I use my iPad and Line 6 Mobile-In. Great set of tools. iRig and Amplitube aren't too bad either.

Otherwise I use my POD XT Live, iPod and headphones.
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