I am almost 100% sure this thread's been posted before at some point, but.

I play a lot of blues rock and I've looked at a few different fuzz pedals, but what's everyone's first choice when it comes to fuzz?
everyone will say different things, but if you want a good fuzz for blues rock stuff maybe start with a fuzz face. they have a few different models now, hendrix, bonomassa, eric johnson...start with one of those? what fuzz tone did you have in mind?
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I would recommend the marshal MG100

Very versatile and quality sound. It should treat you well
Like what everyone else said, what sort of sounds are you going for? Also, what's your current rig?

I prefer to use Fuzz Face or Ocavia with an already dirty amp, more like a thick fuzzy boost, not so great through a clean amp in my opinion.
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And I really like the fuzz tones that Jack White will get, the guy from The Stone Foxes gets some great ones, the fuzz in Play It by Victory, and then the obvious ones like the legendary Hendrix and Eric Johnson fuzz tones and stuff.

I'm not really trying to figure out how to emulate that though, I already know that Jack White uses a Big Muff for most of his stuff and I think Victory too, Hendrix and Johnson used Fuzz Face, I'm more just kind of curious as to what everyone prefers, honestly.
I use 4 different Fuzz's depending on the tone I'm trying to hit. I use a BYOC Leeds Fuzz, BYOC Beaver (Triangle), A GGG Ram Clone, and finally the Way Huge Swollen Pickle. It all depends on the sound your looking for. I have a Keeley Fuzz Head but not using it at the time.

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I've always liked the Fuzz Face and the Big Muff. The Metal Muff is cool too for the heavier stuff.
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and what's your budget for this pedal?
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of for more subtlety


website looks a bit rough, but they are 100% handbuild out of raleigh NC, ive played one, they are crazy quality, the most transparent pedals ive ever encountered, have tons of output, and just just give good tone.

hand painted? thats cool. only downside? ITS BIG.
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Ok, well ive been interested in fuzz for a small while now. Recently ive been trying to work on using fuzz for my bass and i have been asking around the forums about that, but anyway heres a list of a few of the better (in my opinion) Fuzz pedals.

-BOSS FZ2 (Personal Favorite)
-BOSS FZ3 (Newer Model of my Personal Favorite)
-Big Muff (Very good) (The Russian models give off less buzz when your not playing, but the volume contorls are disgusting. Buy American!)
-Behringer SF300 (This one actually isnt that great, however i put it in the list because i feel for the price its a great clone of the FZ2.But if you can afford the FZ2 buy the FZ2 instead.)
- MXR M-173 (A good vinyl era fuzz.)

Look up some reviews on youtube and judge for yourself.
Didn't read but a Tonebender MkII. Always a Tonebender. But a real one will set you back. I've been loving mine lately. So creamy and warm and awesome.
Get a big muff pi. It covers a wide range of music and the tone knob makes it versatile, too.
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