I'm in a love-hate relationship, its great, then next moment its 'bout to end, I got it by the throat, not supposed to sink, but right now I need a life boat
I love her so much I don't know what to do, just wanna be with you, never heard of anything so crazy, but I think just maybe, we can work it out, if we try
Who am I kidding, who am I shitting, you like to hurt me so much, you should give me a crutch, to stand on, its a grand one, listen to my plea, me loving you is whats going to kill me
Leave me alone, no come back I miss you, go away please, no I wanna kiss you, no im gay, just joking, I'm here choking, on what I just heard, cant see 'cause my vision is blurred
So what, is this the end, is this where its over, gotta say its been one hell of a roller coaster, its been four months, I lost trust, and gained it back, you've helped me, you've kept me on track
No wait, were gonna work it out, that's great i couldn't take a different route, I need you there, in my life, to be alive, im depressed, but I'm obsessed, I'm hypnotized,but I know its true, baby I love you