Loved it! The only complaint I have is I wish the drums sounded more authentic and powerful.
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There are no boring scales, just boring guitarists.

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dude calebrocker, that first song on your list almost made me cry
you win my good sir

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Loved it! The only complaint I have is I wish the drums sounded more authentic and powerful.

Thank you! and I agree, I really don't like my snare sound, but i'm not sure what to do to make it sound better through garageband.
The third season was a action packed show, it also has romance and enthusiasm. They also have to prepare for death in every moments they live. In the walking dead season 3, after Milton fails to prove himself to The Governor, The Governor stabs Milton and leaves him to die and reanimate in the torture chamber with Andrea, where it's intended that Milton will tear the flesh from her bones. The Governor then leads an assault on the prison, but Rick's group stages an ambush, led by Glenn and Maggie, and repels the attack. Carl kills a young Woodbury fighter who appeared to hesitantly be putting down his gun, which leads him to argue with his father about eliminating threats The Walking Dead Season 3 DVD has come out its latest episode which the title is named welcome to the Tombs. What will happen to the cast and what's the final result is? All the secrets will be revealed to you now!
The Walking Dead Season 3 DVD worked overtime to create the most action packed episodes they could. The action in this one is intense and non-stop from beginning to end. Rick is working to get the group more organized and prepared to have a nicer living area and replenishable food supply. As the group is making good progress all hell breaks loose....
Meanwhile Michonne and Andrea are still planning to leave and the governor seems to agree but what are his real plans.....
This season so far has just been full of action and suspense. Nothing is ever static and the continuously changing plot and storyline keeps you on the edge of your seat waiting for the next episode. Every week it is cliffhanger after cliffhanger and a new twist in the story that makes your jaw drop. This is an excellent episode and I recommend it to you.