Hi, i i sing and play guitar in a norwegian rock/ metal band called "loffelmannschaft". We have recorded our first song, and 90% of listeners say that its good instrumental, but the bad vocals kill it. I agree, but i just cant figure out what im doing wrong and what i need to do to make it right. So here is the song (vocals start at 0:50).
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Move your voice higher, more towards your soft palate, and focus on relaxing your voice. You just need some more 'upper' space, which will give you more room to distort your voice. You can only distort/rasp with the harsher/more powerful part of your voice, but if you don't have enough 'space' to begin with, then it won't be that good sounding. It's a mix between distortion and relaxation.
Ok, can you be a little more spesific? What do you mean by space, upper and soft palate? I'll like to point out that i got a bass range too (d-d in two octaves. From lowest string on a drop d guitar to 3rd fret b string).
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Take lessons.

As a rule of thumb, you want to do interesting effects with your voice, and go for strange or unusual timbre, ON TOP OF a solid foundation of good breath control, articulation, and tone.

It sounds like you basically said "F that, I'm being metal, I'll just do it." But imagine how the guitars would sound if that's how the guitarists thought? Rather than learn good technique and then apply it to metal, they just played?