Hello, as some of you might have seen in my previous singing related thread I have a rather low, undevelopped singing voice. Since then, when I was told I sang everything an octave to low I lost the ability to hear whether I'm singing in the right octave or not...

So I have a range from E2 - G3, and I was wondering if the song 'All around the world' by oasis is somewhere whitin that range... because I can sing the song quite comfotarbly but I'm not sure if I'm singing in the right octave...

I would pick this cover as a good reference:

Listened to the first minute - the highest note in that is a G3 I think

So as long as it doesn't go higher than that, you should be fine =]
Nothing wrong with singing an octave lower or using a capo to get into your comfort zone. That's what I do, I also have a limited range on those high notes
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I think you guys get me wrong, the cover was not made by me, I just found it on Yt because that was the tone/octave I was aiming for...
Your range is E2 - G3? That's hard to believe. G3 is slightly above speaking voice for most people. Any clips of yours?
Yeah, I got a topic with a demo, have made a little progress since that clip but it's still not good in my ears...
Btw going to the G on the right of the middle c on a yamaha piano, that's G3 right? if yes, then my range is indeed E2 - G3, don't have a deep speaking voice though...
Middle C is C4. So your range is E3-G4 which is still weird as even women can hit lower notes lower than E3...Are you sure?
No, definately not E3, I can go down to D#2 (so the one that falls of the guitar) and for the high note I'm not sure.. It kinda differs... But I can go around the 2nd fret of g-string so an A (dunno which one..) averagely
But somehow it's extremely hard for me, when I do a yotube vocal range video I'm like "ow yeah I can go up to B4, but i find myself singing it an ovtave lower...
When I said G3 I meant the G above middle C...

Just googled it to confuse myself that middle C is called both C3 AND C4 depending on who you are.

Why can't it be standardised!! Bloody musicians. ;p