Just picked one up and all Im getting is cracking and popping from the input. I am using my guitar and did install the driver but all Im hearing is cracking and popping any suggestions?
could be a number of things. isolate the problem.

try different guitars, instrument cable, inputs on the audiobox, software, preamp settings (gain) on the audiobox, etc

if you can isolate the problem then you can address it. could be a bad patch cord, could be a faulty preamp on the audio box
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It's strange because I just unplugged the guitar cable and its still picking up the popping and cracking.
Could be a faulty unit. Could also be latency pops in your DAW. You should probably take it back for a new unit, if not a different one. I never had good luck DI-ing my guitar/bass with the audiobox. I mostly just keep mine around for midi and the two extra channels when I'm in a pinch.
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Presonus is pretty notorious for crappy drivers.

What operating system are you using? What is your buffer size on the interface? What sample rate are you recording at?
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Presonus is pretty notorious for crappy drivers.

The Audiobox's have been known to be notoriously crappy in general, even if the drivers work :p
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I had the thing plugged into the wrong usb port lol. It works great and so easy to use so far! Thanks for all the suggestions.
Ya...I've had similar issues of it not working at all if it's not plugged into the usb port that I had it in when I installed the drivers...****in' thing sucks.

That, and phantom power died within a few months and just gives a high pitched whine for about 3 hours until it randomly decides to stop making noise and work correctly.