So I Replaced The Pickups In My Blacktop Jazzmaster

I Opted For A Hod Rod Humbucker For The Bridge And A 62 Usa Jazzmaster In The Neck

Now The Neck One Works Like A Dream But I've Hit A Stumbling Block With The Hot Rod Wiring

The Original Pickup Only Had A Black And A White Wire

The Hot Rod Humbucker Has A Black, White, Red And Green And Bare Earth Wire

Now I Understand This Is For Coil Tapping/splitting

I Just Want To Wire It Standard

I Know Some Wires Will Be Joined But Only Info I Can Find Is For Strats And Seymour Duncan Pickups

Help If I've Got This Right

Black = Soldered To Back Of One Of The Pots

Green = Positive And Soldered To Switch

Red And White Soldered Together

Where Does The Bare Wire Go?

the bare is also a ground
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