It's taking a long time to load, and has for a few weeks now.

Now when they load I'm not getting the correct songs.

Pearl Jam no matter which song I select it's giving me "Just Breathe"

Muddy Waters no matter which song I select I'm getting " Mojo Working"

Even if I select Non Pro Tab and then select "Fretboard" which will load it in Pro I get the incorrect songs.

All other Non Pro Tabs work just fine. I'm starting to regret paying for a year of this trash.
Dear User,

Thank you for contacting us. The problem was a technical issue, which is now fixed - please check again those you were searching for.

However, few tabs by certain limited amount of artists may be not accessible from your location due to license restrictions from publishers.

Thank you for your understanding

Best regards,
Ultimate Guitar Plus Team
Getting the same problem with Guns N Roses songs, particularly Sweet Child O Mine and Paradise City. Neither shows up under UG Plus tab search and the regular tab search just prompts me to sub UG+ to view them. It just gives me the Godfather Theme. What gives? Please fix!