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The Ginger Moose Show
6 19%
Lumberjacks and Moose and Trudeaus oh my!
0 0%
Canadian eh?
1 3%
Moose Calls
5 16%
Lumberjack Hour
9 29%
Northern Whispers
4 13%
TS, I think you should lay off the Canadiana a bit....
6 19%
Voters: 31.
Hey Pit,

I know that I may not get any help here, and instead, just get ridiculous ideas, but whatever; at least it will be a laugh! Basically, I am getting my own show on my universities radio station. The programs main goal is to showcase Canadian folk, alt. country and roots tunes (Matthew Barber, The Sadies, Grey Kingdom, Kathleen Edwards, Christina Martin, etc.) I am stuck on a name for the program though. I am looking for something that is Canadian but includes something of myself. So vote for one of the suggestions above or suggest something of your own!

Poll incoming

Let the ridiculousness start.....NOW

*Edited for spelling..sorry about that.
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"Ladies and gents, thanks for tuning in to ninety five seven the Vag!"

Also, learn to spell.
The Ginger Canadian Moose Lumberjack Radio Hour
R.I.P. M.C.A.
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The Great Canadian Muff.

But from those options, Northern Whispers, and you have to talk reaaaally seductively.

Thanks for tuning in to... Northern... Whisperrrssssssss....

Like this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CGwm0vShVc4
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Northern Whispers sounds like they're going to be reading you soft porn via radio.
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I think "The Vag" should be in your poll.

Nothing should be in the poll because "The Vag" is the only acceptable answer and therefore a poll is pointless to begin with.
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Nothing should be in the poll because "The Vag" is the only acceptable answer and therefore a poll is pointless to begin with.

I agree with this.
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Ontari-oh Yeah!
the first is too dated, the second too long, lumberjack is gender specific, Northern Whispers sounds like a Mills and Boon novel .. Moose Calls is the least awful.
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