Maybe because i only play in my bedroom i dont get great sound but i have a Yamaha FG700S Acoustic guitar an it sounds good but ive been hacking for almost 1 year as a beginner working mainly with youtube videos..Im 46 years old an play many "riffs" but its not always crystal clear.I understand clarity comes with practice but will a very good guitar help or is a descent guitar gonna sound good with a experienced player an im just not there yet ? I watch some videos an guys sound so clear an flawless an sometimes i wonder if its me or guitar..Some riffs i dont miss a chord an been playin those for 1 year basically..Thanks
I've played on many different Yamaha's and I have yet to come across one that doesn't sound pretty good.

As for clarity, there are a few things to consider. The action on a guitar can cause buzzing. To test this, hit a single note starting on the 1st fret and work your way up to the 12th fret starting with the high or low E string. Test each string the same way. If the actions is too low it will buzz when playing certain notes.

One thing that I've come to find is that there are some guitar players who have a natural ability to play real clean notes and chords and then there are others who cannot. I've been playing for over ten years now and I still can't play crystal clean. Perhaps it's something that can be worked upon. Many folks said Jerry Garcia didn't play real cleanly either.