what are your thoughts on this particular bass?? io have a chance to get my hands on one-anyone ever play or own tone like this? how's the sound for a country accomp.??
While I have never played this specific bass, I have put in a lot of time on acoustic bass guitars, and they generally are very quiet. They will be able to compete for volume with a guitarist that doesn't hit very hard, and not much else. They are great for bedroom practice, or perhaps a singalong environment, but in the context of a band it will not stand up.

All of those problems will be magnified by the fact that it's not a high end instrument. My friend has $1000 martin acoustic bass guitar, and it still is too soft to be heard in a group, I doubt that the ibanez will do much better.

If you could give us a budget, your musical styles, and your intended purpose, we could perhaps suggest a better alternative
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Well; I've had one for a while. I thought it would be a good addition to the bass arsenal, but after a while I came to the conclusion that a hollowbody electric bass is a blasphemous freak of nature. It sounds good, but not so "acoustic" as do acoustic guitars with piezo bridge pickups. It is not loud enough without an amplifier for anything except noodling around by yourself.

It is well made, and the shorter scale makes playing easier. It isn't a bad bass. It just doesn't seem to do what it is meant to do: allow you to play bass in an acoustic trio (or what have you).

If you get one, try a set of electric flatwounds on it. I picked up that tip from a folk guitarist who's been playing since the Jurassic period, and he was right. It did sound and play better.
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